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How to Make Content Evergreen

22 May 2015
Web pages may not be meant to last forever, but I think that most web pages can do a lot better. Many pages or articles published today lack evergreen qualities, which means that in a few months or years, they will be old and unless. I want to show you how you make every single page on your website evergreen.

What Evergreen meant

It is about search Traffic as much as it is readers. Evergreen content is basically relevant content that means different things for different people. Relevancy is a slippery thing, because an old article might be relevant to a history seeker but irrelevant for someone seeking for up to date information. I would like to share what parameters should be adopted to make content Evergreen. 

Below are the some points to follow while writing blog content which will increase the traffic gradually and live the blog.


A smart content is that which gives attractive, different and fresh information. Reader must need some thing new. If something will be written in normal trend, then it will be available on many other searches. To attract traffic, content must be unique.

Below are the other main features which make content evergreen.

·         Case Studies

Case studies are the most effective source to remain a content evergreen.

·         Definitions and Explanations

Definitions never go out of styles. I you create helpful and meaningful definition, you will earn major traffic almost forever.

·         Display Date

Hiding the date seems meaningless. The reader must want to see the date of content and want to know, is this relevant to my interests right now?

·         Videos

Videos remain a content evergreen for a long time, probably for everlasting time. The reader must want some illustrations through video which are showing some practical work. It is the case of increasing interest.

Remember, a good content is the good source of remaining your business live.

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