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Improve Conversion Rate Optimization

26 Jan 2016

Conversion Rate Optimization is the best technique to increase the traffic of the website. It takes a scientific approach to optimizing websites and enables businesses to convert more visitors into customers or subscribers. By increasing the number of respondents that take action, a business is able to grow their business quicker, improve their marketing strength and return on investment and increase their overall profit.

First of all, we have to consider the points for which we need conversion rate optimization for our work.

  • Lack of Visitors
  • Bad Communication of product selling points
  • Lack of Trust

These are the main points for which a business needs conversion rate optimization. Now lets discus the points which make your website easy to access and operated by everyone.

Reduce Form Fields

Do not add too many fields to be filled by the customers by thinking that giving the detail will make it easy. In fact you are making it complex. The visitor only convert to customer when he require very few and less information to be filled. It is observed that 65% visitors left the page when too many fields are there to provide information. So be selective and use only those fields which are not only important, but most important.

Proper Use of Call-To Action (CTA) Buttons

Improve Conversion Rate optimization

This area is most important of all. In fact the main to attract the visitor. CTA includes different fields such as where to place, what text use in it, color combination.

  • Color

First we discuss the color combination. It must be different to the base color used in your website. Why it need different from the site color? Because it will distinguish easily and will find easily. If the color will be the same then it will hide in the website and will not appear as a prominent button. Normally people use green color to CTA button.

Improve Conversion Rate optimization

Well it is not a restriction to use a color. You can use any color but a recent observation has showed that the red color has improved conversion by 32.5%. Even than, give priority to your web site color and combination.

  • The Text

The text gives the psychological impact to the visitor. Let’s have an example. If you have a CTA button with text “ Get Your Membership ”, the visitor will read it and think and assume himself for the next steps. At the same time, if it is shown as “ Find your Gym & Get Your Membership” it will give a confidence and assurance as compared to the first one. It is found that the good text has more increased payment procedures to 68% and customer’s satisfaction level to 99%. So always use such text which gives extra attention as compared to the simple ones.

Improve Conversion Rate optimization

  • Place       

Always place the CTA button to the most visible place. Even if page is scrolled down or up, it must be placed to such place which is easily visible to everyone.

Use Video But Not Lengthy One

Video is same time helpful and harmful. Confused?? Right.. Let me tell you why this happens. A video always helpful to give the best impression in practical dimensions. Then why I said it harmful?? Well when a video is uploaded for more than 5 minutes, the visitor will fed up and will normally left the page. A case study has showed that the video containing video of maximum, maximum 2 to 3 minutes attracts 82% more conversion as compared to the video more than 5 minutes. So only use such video which is giving message is smarter way and in short time.

These are the best practices to get the best conversion rate optimization.

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