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Is Your Site Mobile Friendly??

23 Jun 2015
  • A mobile friendly website is one that has been designed, developed and optimized so that each user, no matter which mobile device they are using, gets the best experience possible. Some organizations are still resistant to having a mobile-friendly website, either because they lack the resourced or don’t see the value. If an organization falls in this category and want to continue being relevant in 2015 on search engines, then its time to begin a mobile-friendly site.

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The question is why mobile-friendly site trend is becoming famous day by day? Its very simple to describe that the mobile use has terribly increased after 2010. Below are the some reasons why mobile friendly web site is essential.

·         There are currently 4 billion mobile phones in use globally

·         1.08 of these are smart phones

·         50% of local searches are carried out on mobile devices

·         86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching tv

·         A third of Facebook’s 700 million users are using Facebook Mobile

Half of Twitter’s 175 million users are using Twitter Mobile

Mobile Friendly

Being mobile-friendly does not just mean that your website can be viewed on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site should be designed specially for smaller screens, allowing easy navigation via larger touch screen buttons, and display only the specific and relevant content for user’s need.

Having the above stats of mobile use, the answer is automatically driven. Google has started pointing out ratings from mobile searches as a first priority. If a site is still on traditional pattern, then it should not accept for better result. According to a latest review by Google, 72% of consumers want mobile friendly sites.

There are numerous reasons for you to have a mobile version of your site. Mobiles are the devices of choice for many people today and you would want to be accessible to them.

If you still missing the mobile version of your site, then it’s time to optimize your mobile site and capture the traffic. 

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