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Mobile Optimized Websites

16 Mar 2016

The days of building the websites targeted for desktops or for laptops are over now. The internet user has a variety of options to access the website like mobiles and tablets. The number of people using web through mobile devices has increased three times since 2009 and it has now become the requirement for each and every business to have the browsing platform like Android and iOS which have almost the same features (in fact fast features) as available to the desktop browsing.

A research has shown that if a business website is not mobile optimized , it can loose the sales. Statistics shows that 57% of the users quit the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to open. More than 30% mobile users quit the purchasing process if the shopping cart is not mobile compatible.

Mobile Optimize

Considering the above statistics, it is very important for every business to make its features available on mobile devices. Taking this in mind, many website owners have begun a strategy to provide information and services to mobile users.

Below are some important factors for which the mobile optimized website is beneficial.

Google Favors Mobile Responses

Mobile Statistics

Google has started considering the websites on the top ranks which are optimized for mobiles. This impact is because the mobile users are increasing at a massive high ratio and the desktop users are gradually decreasing. There would be a time when the desktop users are rare. That’s why Google is picking those sites to the top which are mobile optimized.

Mobile Gets Traffic

Mobile Traffic

There are a lot of sources which can show the stats that mobile gets more traffic. It is obvious that if you have a speedy device which is not only handy and you can carry it with you every time, but also responds you quickly as compared to the desktop, you will skip thinking of desktop and shift yourself to mobile. That’s why mobile gets more traffic than the desktop.

Social Media Referrals

Social Media Referrals

Well! when we talk about social media, we can not stop talking for mobile. It is true that the social media and the mobile have linked very strongly. Some social media analysts say that social media is promoted and boosted in the last 10 years just due to mobiles. Desktops could never boost the social media. That’s why maximum of the businesses, even individuals try to promote referrals through social media. That’s why it is very necessary for incoming traffic that your site will mobile compatible.

Considering the above main factors, your website must needs mobile optimization. It is very important in SEO prospect. Make your plan and boost your business through Mobile Optimization .

Last Modified: Wednesday 16 March 2016 10:10
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