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SEO Trends Going On and On

28 Jul 2015

The internet is a huge factor in how marketing is performed nowadays, and keeping up with the latest SEO trends is important to keeping your marketing edge. This is because traditional push marketing is being replaced by more cost-effective inbound marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), that drives targeted audiences to you as apposed to out bound marketing where you are marketing to the masses and hoping you reach the right people.

1-Content has Value


Google’s latest search engine algorithms focus more and more on content, which means there is a less focus on keywords saturation and more focus on whether or not the content is actually relevant to the keywords. You should continue to generate high-quality content that uses appropriate, relevant keywords and synonyms for those phrases, but focus more on the content than the words themselves.

2-Online Security is Importan

Online security-Optimizers

If your website deals with online payments and sensitive customer information, you need to make sure you are using proper security measures to safeguard the information and data. For example, using security certificates and https instead of http will help your website grow in search engine rankings in 2015.

3-Mobile Optimization and User Behavior

mobile optimization-Optimizers

While this isn’t a new trend, the decision for marketers to support mobile environments should not even be an option. When 1 out of every 5 people in the world own a smart phone and 1 out of every 17 people own a tablet, you are shooting yourself in the foot without mobile support. That’s why it is sure that your web site must be optimized on every devise to survive in ranking race.

4-Visual Based SEO

Visual SEO-optimizers

High quality, original content featuring visual media elements like graphics, images and video are becoming high performing assets for the top-ranked pages in 2014, and this is expected to continue throughout 2015. Rich text with visual elements gets priority in SERPs over web pages with just text, and video marketing can generate a huge amount of link and social sharing traffic for your site.

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